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We believe outdoor adventure and comfort could go hand in hand, and exploring the wilderness doesn’t have to mean discomfort. Trekking adventure is usually associated with challenge, thrill and also experiences only meant for people with good physical fitness, where you would stay in camping grounds in the wild with little to no amenities.

For some avid trekkers, luxury means not having to set up a tent and campsite at the end of a long day in the wilderness. Of course, the luxuriousness isn’t always possible in the wilderness, but having an ultra-comfortable place to lay your head and someone else organizing everything, logistics, luggage transfers, and leaves you with the luxury of simply focusing on the natural world around you.

In a trip with Climb Indonesia, we’re offering trekking vacation adventure which combine luxury and ultimate comfort with intrepid exploration in our favorite treks around Indonesia. Our trekking vacation program is offering end-to-end services to ensuring deluxe to premium accommodation or camping site facilities during the trek. This would allow all level of ages, including family and senior hikers to experience the hiking adventure with the ultimate comfort.

The idea of trekking vacation is to provide fully supported adventures to ensure you have a completely hassle-free experience, while you’re enjoy the majesty of the great outdoors and still luxuriating in the comforts of wild adventure with your family and friends in some of the Indonesia’s most beautiful landscapes with style and authenticity.

Our private trekking vacation trips are always fully supported by a trained, experienced guide, porters and camp staff to accompany you the whole way through, therefore you can be sure of being well fed and rested enough to reach the goal of your trekking vacation.

Not all multi-day trekking experiences are created rugged, some allow you to conquer challenging terrain by day and luxuriate in utter comfort. Our proficiently crafted multi days trekking vacation program itineraries coupled with premium accommodations as well to ensure that you are refreshed, energized and relaxed by the time you get back home. It also includes a diversity of tasty meals packed full of critical carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  We regularly accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and non-gluten diets and will make adjustments for food allergies.

And if the hotel or lodge accommodations are not possible, however you can expect to camp in beautiful camp sites that put you right in the action to make the most of your trekking vacation adventure. We carefully design our itineraries with campsites in mind. Of course, campsites vary tremendously by destination, trip and even by the individual day of a trip.

So who’s ready for trekking vacation with us ?