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Term and Conditions

By Registering for a CLIMB INDONESIA trip, The Client hereby understands and agrees with the following terms and conditions.


  1. The Client should consult his/her doctor regarding his/her fitness for travel, and adventure travel in particular. CLIMB INDONESIA encourages The Client to seek his/her doctor’s advice regarding necessary or advisable vaccinations, medical precautions, and any other medical concerns regarding the entirety of his/her travel with CLIMB INDONESIA.
  2. CLIMB INDONESIA does not provide medical advice. The Client shall assess the risks and requirements of each trip/activity in light of his/her own limitations, physical and mental fitness/ condition, as well as his/her own medical requirements or issues.
  3. The Client shall inform CLIMB INDONESIA of any pre-existing medical conditions, pregnancy or recent operation/ injury that may make it more likely for him/ her to be involved in an accident which could result in bodily harm or death. The Client with the above conditions will be obligated to obtain medical clearance for his/her trip/activity participation by a competent medical examiner before booking his/her trip.


CLIMB INDONESIA strongly recommends The Client to obtain insurance such that in the event of any possible risk, which will provide sufficient cover for The Client and if applicable, any dependents that he/she is traveling with.  Since it is not administratively possible for CLIMB INDONESIA to authenticate every participant’s policy for trekking expedition eligibility, The Client accept responsibility for ensuring that he/she is aware of the limitations of the policy to which he/she subscribe.


The Client hereby warrants, represent and undertake that:

  1. He/she is 18 years of age and above and has the legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts with CLIMB INDONESIA;
  2. All information submitted by he/she is accurate;
  3. He/she is authorized to make the registration for himself/herself, or the participant below 18 years of age if he/she is the parent / guardian of the participant


  1. A 50% deposit is required for the booking confirmation, which shall be made at the latest by 15 (fifteen) days prior to the trip commencement and the balance must be paid 7 (seven) days prior to trip commencement. In case of a short-term reservation made within 7 (seven) days prior to trip commencement, the reservation is deemed to be a late booking and 100% full payment is required for immediate confirmation of the booking and admission to the tour. Should the payment not be received by the due date, and no notification received from the Client, CLIMB INDONESIA reserves the right to cancel the reservations. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  2. Payment is to be made via bank transfer to our Indonesia bank account.
    Name of Beneficiary: PT MULTI AVENTURA INDONESIA
    Name of Beneficiary Bank:  BANK MANDIRI
    Account Number:  126-00-0730501-3
    Address of Beneficiary Bank:  KC JAKARTA FALATEHAN 12600
    Country:  INDONESIA


Amendment to bookings after payment has been made will be charged at a minimum of IDR 200,000 per service amendment in addition to any other charges as levied by the airlines, hotels or service providers concerned. A transfer to another package less than 7 days prior to departure does not constitute an amendment but entails the cancellation of the original booking and is subject to the appropriate cancellation fees stated in the clause of “Cancellation Policy”.


  1. All bookings cancelled inside 7 (seven) days prior to travel are non-refundable. For bookings that are cancelled 7 (seven) or more days prior to the departure date, 50 % of the deposit amount is non-refundable. Cancellations must be in writing and should be addressed to CLIMB INDONESIA.
  2. In the event The Client is required to cancel his/her trip because of illness, health issue or injury, CLIMB INDONESIA will issue a final costs advice, where requested, reflecting the value of the funds that have been forfeited as a consequence of the cancellation. This document can be used for insurance claim together with copies of diagnosis and prescription notes, assuming The Client already have a pre-existing policy in place. Notwithstanding the terms and availability of The Client’s insurance policy, the amount of non-refundable deposit or travel cost pursuant to point 1 of this section shall still apply


  1. Each party agree to indemnify other party, which in the case of CLIMB INDONESIA include its partners, agents, sub-contractors and suppliers against any indirect and/or consequential loss; claims for loss or damage or for injury, except where such claim is proven to arise from gross negligence.
  2. With prior consultation with The Client, CLIMB INDONESIA reserves the right to alter or modify itineraries in any way for the interest of The Client or due to any other uncontrollable circumstances such as force majeure, weather or other local conditions.
  3. Each party is to be released from all liabilities deriving from force majeure, including but not limited to acts of terrorism, hijacking, civil unrest, natural calamities, labor strikes or any other factors beyond any party’s control.
  4. CLIMB INDONESIA shall not be liable for the services if they cannot be fulfilled properly and/or any damages related thereto due to the Client’s lack of cooperation with the guide’s or guides’ instructions.
  5. In the event that CLIMB INDONESIA is found liable by a court of competent jurisdiction on any basis in relation to The Client’s trip arrangement, CLIMB INDONESIA’s maximum liability to The Client is limited to the cost of the trip in question.


CLIMB INDONESIA reserves the rights to use photographs(s) taken during The Client’s trip with CLIMB INDONESIA for relevant publications and/or other commercial materials by CLIMB INDONESIA without compensation and/or prior notice to The Client.  CLIMB INDONESIA shall use its best judgement to ensure that such photograph(s) shall not contain any substances that are not acceptable by general norms. Objection for photograph usage pursuant to this article shall be communicated by The Client in writing prior to using CLIMB INDONESIA service.



CLIMB INDONESIA is a trekking and trail running adventure service provider and is a part of PT Multi Aventura Indonesia, a limited liability company registered under Indonesian law.