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Yes summer is coming.

Summer holidays don’t have to mean sea and sand. We pick the beautiful campsites amid mountains, rainforest and by tranquil lakes to suit outdoor enthusiast, hikers, or just dreamy upland vistas. With days characterized by blue skies, sunshine and less rainfall, indeed, summer is the most pleasant and most popular time to enjoy the mountains in Indonesia.

Here’s the list of destination for your summer hike that you can enjoy with family and friends

Gunung Gede Pangrango national Park.

Gede Pangrango National Park is the nearest 3,000meters volcanic peak from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. During normal traffic it takes 3 hours to reach the park information center at Cibodas, West Java. Hiking distance 16 km back and forth, altitude gain 1,300 meters. Mount Gede’s level of difficulty is moderate.

Papandayan Volcano.

Papandayan is perfect for the first time mountain hiker and for introducing younger members of the family to Mother Nature. Where you can enjoy a fascinating walk through the rocky moonscape of the crater and walk along a river of steaming. There is a clear path up the mountain and the terrain is easy for beginners. Hiking distance at Mount Papandayan is 6 km back and forth, elevation gain 300m, level of difficulty : Easy

Peak of the golden sunrise, Mount Prau.

This would be a short, easy day hike with family and friends with an excellent ridge walk along a clear path. Mount Prau, is the highest point in Dieng area. Also the mountain is offering one of the best summit views in Java with a golden sunrise, and views of surrounding mountains in Central Java. Mount Prau’s hiking distance 9 km back and forth, elevation gain 541m, level of difficulty : Easy

Mount Lawu

Straddles in the southern border of East and Central Java, Mount Lawu 3,265m is a massive compound stratovolcano. According to the Javanese belief, this mountain is also known as the most holiest mountain in Java. Moreover this sleeping volcano offers magnificent mountainous landscape, and breathtaking night sky if the weather is clear. Lawu’s trek distance is 19 km back and forth, with elevation gain 1,783m. Difficulty level : Moderate

Mount Semeru, the roof of Java

Semeru 3,676m is the highest summit and the most popular volcanoes in Java island. The mountain offers a gorgeous savanna walk and a stunning campsite alongside the turquoise water of Ranu Kumbolo lake. From the highest point in Java, you will have a fantastic crater view with impressive live eruptions several times every hour. Hiking distance at Mount Semeru is 40 km back and forth, elevation gain 1,576m, level of difficulty : Moderate to Challenging

Plan your adventure with us and experience Climb Indonesia’s hospitality whilst maintaining proper implementation of health protocol. Other than regular adventure trips, we also design family hike programs, which combine soft hiking and camping activity. Furthermore our programs are flexible and can be tailored based on your needs.