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Beyond the school desk and classroom lays a wealth of learning opportunities. Outdoor education can help students build their self-esteem and self-confidence. By being given a challenge, which an outdoor adventure can provide, students will learn to overcome their fears. They will also be given opportunities to develop their independence, which will help to build their confidence.

Our school outdoor trip programs in Indonesia weave through a variety of destinations, each with incredible activities to help the students grow while giving them an opportunity to experience different parts of the country.

These programs are designed to set challenges for the students to learn to work together when experiencing outdoor adventure and at the same time be provided with opportunities to learn important life skills and a sense of accomplishment at the end of their adventure. 

Climb Indonesia will implement outdoor activities guidelines during the pandemic which are adopted from UIAA while maintaining compliance to health protocol as issued by the Government of Indonesia. Climb Indonesia is committed to ensuring that the safety of our clients is prioritized in each activity during the program, particularly during this unprecedented time of the new normal.


This is our SAFE OUTDOOR GETAWAY FROM JAKARTA programs to get mother nature to the students, it’s shorter, closer, and safer! – All within 3 hours drive from Jakarta. It’s a short adventurous program and it’s refreshing though not too far away from Jakarta.

Our trips are fully supported by our team of professional guides to ensure that the safety of the trip participants shall not be compromised.

Trip Objectives

  1. Introducing respect and love for nature and the importance of conserving the environment
  2. Encouraging students to reach their maximum social and physical potential in a safe and nurturing environment
  3. Building teamwork and leadership skills among the students in completing group challenges in an outdoor setting
  4. Building the students’ cultural awareness and ability to interact with people with different social backgrounds

Alternative Destinations:

  1. Kawah Ratu

Kawah Ratu in Halimun Salak National Park, Bogor, West Java is one of the few places In Java Island where we can see the active volcano safely from a short distance.  Located at 1,437 meters above sea level, at the southern slope of Mount Salak,  this crater is a natural wonder that attracts not just volcano hunters and avid hikers but is also suitable for beginner hikers. Kawah Ratu is one of the most favorite destinations for a family hike.

Hiking distance: 9 Km ( out and back)

Altitude gain: 300 m

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

  • Cibeureum Waterfall

Beautiful waterfall on the slope of Mount Gede Pangrango. Located at an altitude of 1,370 meters above sea level, this would nice hiking destination with family and friends. Normally it takes 2 hours to hike to cover 2.8 kilometers hiking distance through (some) steep basalt cobbled paths that led you through Sub-montane forest of tall emergent trees, palms, vines, and ferns. Hikers will also pass the green lake and some interesting photo spots along the way to the waterfall. If you’re lucky you could see Javan Leaf Monkeys partying in the upper branches of tall trees, timid squirrels darting along low horizontal Branches, and heard a rich medley of bird calls.

Hiking distance: 5.6 km ( out and back)

Altitude gain: 200 m

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Cisadon Village – Sentul

This secluded village is home to around 60 people. Despite its relative proximity from Jakarta, being in there just like at some other places far from the modern world. The village itself is surrounded by the forested mountain range which many of them now has changed to become coffee plantation. there’s no cellular reception nor the power connection as well.  Enjoy the fascinating trek through the beautiful scenery along the trail to Cisadon Village, exercise in the fresh mountain air, and free yourself into the hidden paradise of Sentul.

Hiking distance: 14 km ( out and back)

Altitude gain : +/- 600 meter

Difficulty: Easy

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