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Hike Mount Prau Peak of The Golden Sunrise

Mount Prau located at Dieng Plateau is a popular spot among hikers. It has a scenic viewpoint that overlooks the neighboring mountains in Central Java and is also known as the peak of the golden sunrise. Due to the stunning beauty of its sunrise, peak of Mount Prau has become popular among social media users looking to capture share-worthy photos. 

The warm weather was about to end as our car entered the Dieng area, the chill blew from outside when I lowered down the car’s window and turned off the air conditioner. Dieng is located at an average height of 2,000 meters above sea level and becomes the town with coldest temperature in Central Java. In this area, the higher you get, the cooler the temperatures are. During the day it can be warm and sunny, rain in the afternoon, and chilly in the evenings. 

As the town with coldest temperature in Central Java, Dieng also offers breathtaking winter wonderland in Java with an exotic landscape of beautiful mountain range and green farmland.

After four hours’ drive from Yogyakarta, finally, we arrived at Patak Banteng Village, a small farming village, located right at the base of Mount Prau. From Patak Banteng basecamp the trail begins with a few hundred meters of village roads, then followed by a single trek through agriculture land, and climb steadily through pine forest, where hikers will be rewarded with the appealing views of Dieng highland. The last part of the trail took us over the green “Teletubbies” – like hill and savanna before we reached the main campsite. It is a peaceful camping spot, be prepared to fall asleep to the sounds of nature and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Catching the first light 

After a nice sleep in our tent, we woke up at 5 AM then head to the sunrise point which only 5-10 minutes’ walk from the campsite. You can even enjoy this magical moment by staying put in front of your tent while sitting nicely and sipping a cup of coffee.  

The first soft rays of sunlight burst from afar like the golden saffron, the sun rises slowly over the horizon, gradually revealing the multiple miraculous beauty that nature provides, in a glimpse the background color, the shades of the clouds eventually disappear. It was breathtakingly beautiful, a special moment one can hardly put into words or describe. You simply have to experience it for yourself. Be prepared to be busy with your camera, as the picturesque view of this golden sunrise is too precious to be kept only in your memory.

Mt Prau terrain is not particularly rough; the presence of a clear path up to the mountain makes it easier for a hiker of all ages. This will be a short, easy hike with family and friends with an excellent panoramic view and fresh mountain air. This is a great option for the beginners or perfect short getaway from the city.

Enjoy our hassle-free with fully supported adventurous trip and our fine hospitality, which will help you finding a home in the wild, full of unique experiences that will make your adventure memorable.