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Mount Merbabu (3.145m) is a dormant stratovolcano which is the second most popular mountain in Central Java, after Mount Merapi. With its not particularly rough terrain and the presence of a clear, well-marked path up to top, trekking Mount Merbabu with your kids and family should be on your to-do list when visiting Yogyakarta or other areas in Central Java.  

The spectacular views from the summit of Mount Merbabu are said to be some of the best in Indonesia with many other mountains visible from the peak including the scenic view of Mount Merapi, as well as the lush green farmland of Boyolali and Salatiga. The best time to view this scene is during sunrise. This otherworldly scene is definitely something worth for your kiddos to catch after waking up before the break of the dawn out of their cozy and warm tent.  Trekking Mount Merbabu is suitable for family with kids, who are seeking a short and easy volcano adventure. To ensure that your hiking trip can be enjoyable by your kids, please see also our other article on hiking with kids in Indonesia .

The main entry point for hiking up Mount Merbabu is from Selo, a traditional farming village which located about 80 km in the North East of Yogyakarta. During normal traffic, it takes two hour and half to reach the village from Yogyakarta International Airport. It offers landscapes full of beautiful green vegetable farms, mountains, and more. 

By having a guided trekking trip, your family will be able to venture far and maximize your experience in the mountain. You will also be able to explore interesting indigenous animals and plants, finding the perfect panoramic spot and spending the night camping in a tent. There are surely a lot of fun activities! If you have a few extra days, you can also spend a leisurely day to explore Selo village and its surrounding areas, visit vegetable farmland, local nursery, waterfall, volcano museum and enjoy Mount Merapi view from Ketep Pass.


  • In Javanese culture, people view this  mountain as sacred and reveres them for fertile land and good harvest
  • Besides the spectacular sunrise view from the summit, Mount Merbabu is known for its wide savanna near its peak.
  • At least you need 2 days to climb up and climb down Mount Merbabu (including transfer from Yogyakarta International airport)
  • Elevation 3,145m located in Central Java, Indonesia.
  • Total trekking distance 12 km (back and forth)
  • Elevation gain from the entry point of Mt Merbabu : 1,300m
  • Accommodation: Camping.
  • No water resources along the trail
  • Average temperature 9-10 degree Celsius
  • When to go: Hiking activity is available from April to December. It is a very popular trekking destination, hiking during weekends is not recommended
  • Most of National Park in Indonesia limits the age of hikers, minimum age to hike Mt Merbabu is 10 years old.
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Climb Indonesia will apply strict health protocol to ensure your safety during COVID19 pandemic. Please refer to our protocol for hiking activities under new normal in Indonesia.

Climb Indonesia organized adventure trips to Mount Merbabu for family hike, senior hike or simply for enjoying the alpine nature of Indonesia volcanic scenes. Your trip will be fully supported by our team of professional guides to ensure that your safety shall not be compromised.   Please contact us through our email: info@climbindonesia.com, or by phone/Whatsapp: +6281219592895.