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Mount Binaiya is relatively unknown among the outdoor enthusiast, mostly due to its remoteness. Mt Binaiya remoteness status has an upside to it, such as this fascinating remoteness provides an opportunity to experience tranquility, solitude, and pristine nature with jungles, national parks, mountains, and beautiful seas, which remain untouched by commercial tourism.

We’ve been asked by some of our potential clients about Mount Binaiya, and here are the Mount Binaiya fun facts for your reference.

Mount Binaiya

Located at Manusela National Park, Mt Binaiya is the highest point on the Indonesian island of Seram and the highest mountain in the province of Maluku, with an elevation of 3,027 meters. The Manusela National Park and Mount Binaiya in Seram Island, Moluccas is one of the less-visited National Parks and Mountains in Indonesia. It is spectacularly beautiful, and it was the multiple days-hike that could stand out in your memory as amazing hiking experiences. Here’s

Getting there

Fly to Ambon the capital of Maluku Province and then drive to Tulehu port, board the fast ferry for a two-hour ferry ride to reach Masohi, the main town in Seram Island.  From Masohi continue with three hours drive to Piliana village, the entry point of Mt Binaiya from the southern slope of the Mountain

The hike  

At least it takes 5 days to climb up and climb down the mountain + another 2 days to travel from Ambon airport to the entry point of the mountain

Hiking distance

From the entry point to the top of Mt Binaiya +/- 20 km

Difficulty level

Hiking Mt Binaiya is tough but anyone with good fitness and hiking experience should be able to cope. Mount Binaiya offers a demanding trail – with a long hiking distance +/- 20 km ( 40 km in and out) and substantial altitude gain. Please be prepared to be on the trail for 7-8 hours per day.  Basic hiking skills, hiking experience, and fitness level must be at a good standard

Best time to hike Mt Binaiya

The Moluccas have the opposite rainy season patterns as most of Indonesia. The dry season lasts from October to March. The wet season lasts from late April to September in central and southern Maluku. The wet season lasts from December to March in northern Maluku. Mt Binaiya is in Central Maluku

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There are 7 main shelters along the trail to the top of Mt Binaiya

  • Piliana at 411 masl
  • Yamitala at 524 masl
  • Aimoto at 1,278 masl
  • Middle camp at  2,008 masl
  • Isilali at 2,185 masl
  • Nasapeha at 2,579 masl
  • Waifuku at 2,969 masl

And you have to climb 3 peaks and several hills before finally reaching the top of Mt Binaiya

  • Teleuna Peak 1804 masl
  • Manukupa peak 2313 masl
  • Bintang peak 2673 masl

Hiking Mount Binaiya will take you deep into the heart of Seram Island, one of Indonesia’s least-visited islands, with breathtaking experiences for your adventurous souls.