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Mount Binaiya Expedition

Mount Binaiya Expedition, Climbing the highest peak in the Moluccas Islands, Indonesia

Journey to the highest mountain in Indonesia’s Spice Islands, Moluccas – Mount Binaiya 3,027m, one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding mountain climbing expeditions in Indonesia.

The name of Mt Binaiya cannot be separated from Operation Raleigh, as in 1987 the mountain which located at Manusela National Park in Seram Island, the Moluccas became center of three major scientific expeditions conducted by Raleigh International (www.operationraleighseram.com) that compared bio-diversity of the rainforests of Seram island with Costa Rica and Cameroon. The traces of that expedition are now in the public archives at the British Museum.

Binaiya's unique bio diversity

Mount Binaiya, because of its unique bio-diversity, is pretty popular among the scientists both from Indonesia and overseas. However, Mount Binaiya is relatively unknown among the outdoor enthusiast, mostly due to its remoteness. Mt Binaiya remoteness status has an upside to it, such as this fascinating remoteness provides opportunity to experience tranquility, solitude, and pristine nature with jungles, national parks, mountain and beautiful seas, which remain  untouched by commercial tourism.

Climbing Mt Binaiya 3,027 is probably one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding mountain climbing expeditions in Indonesia. Yes, it’s going to be tough, exhausting and it may stretch your endurance beyond what you thought possible. It took almost 4 days of 7 to 8 hours trekking to get to the peak and another 2 days to come down from the mountain. This is a hard and strenuous trek.

Seram Island’s Manusela National Park, which is known for its high number of endemic birds and mammal species, is also the last stronghold of several critically endangered animals and plants. During six days of trekking in the national park, you will hike through pristine forest, cross crystal clear rivers and pass through several different types of vegetation, including a montane zone, which occupies almost one third of the park. Manusela’s plant life is fascinating, with mossy cloud forest extending upwards from 1,500 m and wind-stunted trees often covered with moss.

The opportunity to experience the unique Spice Islands over the Binaiya mountain trail is indeed stunning and it is absolutely worth the blisters and risks. So be prepare for an epic adventure that you won’t forget!