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Kawah Ratu  in Halimun Salak National Park, Bogor, West Java is one of the few places In Java Island where we can see the active volcano safely from short distance.  Located at 1,437 meter above sea level, at the southern slope of Mount Salak,  this crater is natural wonder that attracts not just volcano hunters and avid hikers, but it is also the beginner hikers. Indeed it is one of the most favorite destinations for family hike.

There are two routes which enable visitor to loop from Cidahu to Pasir Reungit or Gunung Bunder routes, vice versa. It will take around 2 to 3 hours hike at the average speed from the entry point to the crater. The 4.5 km treks will take visitors passing the rocky paths, streams and tropical rainforest before finally arriving at the crater. According to history, Kawah Ratu was formed during the eruptions at Mount Salak a long time ago – last one was in 1938, and the aftermath finally formed a crater with exotic panoramic view.

The hike itself is considered easy, hikers need to gain 264-meter of vertical gain to reach the crater from the entry point Pasir Reungit. You can enjoy fresh mountain air, relaxing sound of the river and If you’re lucky you will see Java Owa Monkey along the trek, also be entertained by the sound of bird chirping.

During normal traffic, the entry point of Kawah Ratu at Pasir Reungit of Halimun Salak National Park can be reached from Jakarta around 2-3 hours drive. The same amount of time is also needed when visitors travel from another entry point in Cidahu, Sukabumi.

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