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Hiking Mount Ciremai The highest Volcano in West Java

Mount Ciremai

Set at 3,078 m above sea level, Mt. Ciremai is the tallest volcano in West Java and serves as a popular hiking destination among hikers, nestle in the border between Majalengka – west flank and Kuningan Regency -East flank, 20 km south of Cirebon. According to the data released by Indonesia Forestry and Environment Ministry in 2019, the national park attracted 695.270 visitors and became the most visited national park in Indonesia.

Mount Ciremai is a solitaire volcano with twin crater, East Crater and West Crater at the top. Even for seasoned hikers, the combination of volcanic landscape and its beautiful rainforest make for an unforgettable adventure. The Mount Ciremai National Park provides trails with varying degrees of difficulty and panoramic views.  Hiking enthusiasts can reach the mountain from Kuningan or Majalengka regencies. Both have their own challenging treks. But the trip to the peak will be worth it as it is blessed with a picturesque vista, a crater, sunrise and a sea of white clouds.

Mount Ciremai was declared as a national park in 2004. It spreads across more than 15,500 hectares that shelter a variety of wildlife including a Javan Surili monkey and Panthera Pardus. Beside the mountain, visitors can also explore other natural attractions including waterfalls, lakes, some glamping spots with spectacular sceneries. No matter the season, there’s always a reason to visit Mount Ciremai National Park.

Compared to other hiking destinations in West Java, the traffic to Mt Ciremai entry points is more predictable with several transportation options, train, and smooth access of trans Java toll road or even flying to the nearest airport  of Kertajati in Majalengka.

If you prefer driving, during normal traffic, the entry point of Mount Ciremai in Apuy, Majalengka can be reached from Jakarta around 4-5  hours drive. The same amount of time is also needed when visitors travel from another entry point in Palutungan, Kuningan.

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