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Wondering where to hike in Java in September?  September is one of the best hiking seasons of the year to visit some of the most popular hiking destinations in Java.  The summer crowds are gone, it’s less hot, and the views are still amazing  

We have outlined our nine favorite destinations for September hiking and volcano adventures below. We invite you to take your time, peruse our recommendations, and if going on a guided trip you can contact us to get started!

  1. Mount Gede – West Java

Gede Pangrango National Park is the nearest 3,000 meters volcanic peak from the capital of Indonesia. The 10-kilometer trail from Cibodas entry point to the top of Mount Gede offers various nature attractions for the weekenders, from the beautiful rainforest, blue lake, waterfall, hot spring, the amazing crater, and alpine meadow Suryakencana

2. Mount Ciremai

Set at 3,078 m above sea level, Mt. Ciremai is the tallest volcano in West Java and serves as a popular hiking destination among hikers. Mount Ciremai is a solitaire volcano with twin crater, East Crater and West Crater at the top. Even for seasoned hikers, the combination of volcanic landscape and its beautiful rainforest make for an unforgettable adventure.

3. Mount Merbabu

Mount Merbabu is most well known as one of Java’s beautiful mountains with spectacular views from the summit, it’s stunning, the mountain offers incredible alpine terrain, a rolling meadow, and a dramatic mountain range. mount Merbabu is a perfect destination for those looking for an easy to moderate hiking adventure with family and friends.

4. Mount Sindoro – Central Java

Volcano adventure at Mount Sindoro is an excellent, adventurous way to experience the beautiful volcano and explore the crater from a short distance. Mount Sindoro has a spectacular and very much active crater with parasitic craters and cones on the northwest-southern flanks. The mountain offers a gorgeous panoramic landscape along the trail to the summit. The summit of Sindoro offers majestic 360-degree views of the Dieng area, with surrounding mountains views on the horizon.  

5. Mount Sumbing – Central Java

Mount Sumbing one of the hidden natural wonders of Java has all the assets for nature lovers and hikers with its sublime volcano trail and mountain landscapes. Whether you are looking for tranquil walks with your family and friends or taking more sporty hikes to climb the second highest mountain in Central Java.

6. Mount Slamet – Central Java

Soaring to 3,432 meters, the majestic stratovolcano Mount Slamet is the second highest volcano, and also one of the most active volcanoes in Java which attracts many hikers to witness the spectacular huge crater.   Mount Slamet is a strenuous summit to hike that rewards the climber with the gorgeous panoramic landscape    hikers will have to gain about 1,491 meters to meet at the 3,428-meter summit from the entry point.

7. Mount Lawu – Central Java

Discover the magnificent Mountain in Central Java, and enjoy the heavenly vista of Mount Lawu. Mount Lawu (3,265m) straddles the southern border of East and Central Java With its magnificent and wild landscapes, the hiking trails of Mount Lawu will lead you to discover the holiest mountains in Javanese belief.  As well to a plethora of myths and legend, this sleeping volcano also offers great savannah, pine forest scenery, and a magnificent mountainous landscape

8. Mount Arjuna Welirang – East Java

The massive Arjuna Welirang mountain range is one of the finest hikes in East Java which offer 4 peaks over 3,000m from the active Welirang in the west to the long-dormant Arjuna in the East. Mount Arjuna is a dormant volcano, and the lower Welirang peak 3,156m- although shorter than the sister mountain, but considered more popular among hikers, due to the active crater with an abundance of Sulphur deposit and today still mined by the local Sulphur’s miner. There’s a range of ecology, volcanology, and history to explore over a number of peaks and craters

9. Mount Prau – Central Java

This would be a short, easy day hike with family and friends with an excellent ridge walk along a clear path. Mount Prau 2,565 above sea level is the highest point in Dieng area, one of the most fascinating and friendly spot in Indonesia. The mountain is offering one of the best summit views in Java with a golden sunrise, views of surrounding mountains in Central Java and it will not disappoint any hikers on a clear day.