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Since traveling to further distance is still not an option, to fulfill your desire for breathing fresh air in the mountains after months of restrictions, you may consider options for hiking destinations without flying from Jakarta. This is time to explore your own backyard and reconnect with the Mother Nature.

Hiking adventure does not have to mean trekking to Everest Base Camp or hiking the Swiss Alps. It is a state of mind that you can carry wherever you go. You can find an outdoor adventure any where, in fact you can find one of them in your own backyard without flying from Jakarta. They can be reached within 2-3 hour overland trip from your hometown

Morning view from the top of Mt Gede

So what does Jakarta offer for hiking adventures in her backyard?

For those who want to explore and get outside for outdoor experience, you should know that there are two beautiful national parks within driving distance from Jakarta. Secluded places for your total escape that (not) too far away from bustling city, namely Gede Pangrango National Park and Halimun Salak National Park.

Gede Pangrango National Park

Located between the cities of Bogor, Sukabumi and Cianjur, Gede Pangrango National Park is a wonderful destination especially for both avid and seasonal hikers. This national park offers various natural attractions for outdoor enthusiasts: from dense rainforest, blue lake, water fall, hot spring, the amazing crater and alpine meadow of Suryakencana, the 50 hectares Suryakencana meadow is the best spot to see the Eidelweiss flower, which also the main campsite at the national park. Although often considered as a single mountain, Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango are actually two separate mountains with different heights. The two peaks are connected by mountain ridge about 2,400 above sea level.

At 2,958 m, Mt Gede is the nearest volcano peak from Jakarta, but it is easily accessible and from the summit, you will witness breathtaking views across the National Park.  During clear weather, sunrise from the top of Mount Gede is an unforgettable scene, which definitely worth hiking for. The blue sky will slowly turn red which then followed by amazing sunrise appeared above the crater. There are various trek route which enable visitor to traverse from Cibodas to Gunung Putri or Selabintana, vice versa. It will take around 15 hours hike for the average speed for climb up and climb down.

For a strong hikers, It is technically possible to hike either Gede or Pangrango as a long day-hike from the Cibodas entrance with estimated trekking time 12 hours (for power hike/speed hike) and 7-8 hours for trail run on the average pace. But if you wanted to enjoy the hike and chase the sunrise from the top of mountain, ideally you should spend one night at the mountain.

Kawah Ratu at Halimun Salak National Park

Kawah Ratu (the Queen Crater) of Gunung Salak, is one of those climbing destinations, which is perfect for one day hike. For you who had visited this mountain in the past, other than for remembering the old days, you can also bring your family and friends for a fun hike and exercise in a fresh mountain air. You can free yourself into the hidden paradise of West Java and see the beautiful crater from short distance.

The Queen Crater consists of many small craters with the steams coming out from those craters, made a sound like the crashing waves and gave an eerie ambiance. Trekking can take 5-6 hours back and forth in normal pace. Kawah Ratu  is located within Halimun Salak National Park, Bogor, West Java, which can be reached approximately within 2-3 hours from Jakarta. There are actually two entry points of Kawah Ratu: via Cangkuang, Cidahu, Sukabumi, and via Pasir Reungit,  Pamijahan, Bogor. 

Cidahu Route

It has 4.5 km trail distance through combined single trek at dense forest, rocks pathway and crossing two small rivers. The trek will also be passing an abandoned geothermal well and helipad.

Pasir Reungit Route

There will be some wet trail along this route as some sections of the trail are side by side with small rivers and you will be crossing them as well. This makes Pasir Reungit  route even more challenging compare to Cidahu route.

Climb Indonesia organizes adventure trips to both Gede Pangrango and Halimun Salak National Parks, through hiking or trail running or simply enjoying the alpine nature of Indonesia volcanic scenes. Led by our certified and English speaking mountain guides, Climb Indonesia adventure trips guarantee  a safe and enjoyable experience.

As part of post pandemic’s health protocol and to ensure the safety of our clients and team members, Climb Indonesia will implement the hiking guidelines, which adopted from UIAA –International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation whilst maintaining compliance to health protocol issued by Government of Indonesia or local government where the national park is located