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Facts about trekking in Indonesia

The exotic ring of fire

Indonesia is the exotic ring of fire, home to around 400 volcanoes, 130 of them are active, the ultimate destination for volcano adventure. It also has an abundance of flora and fauna, wild rainforest, and countless tropical beaches.

When to go? it is possible to hike in the exotic ring of fire Indonesia throughout the year, the conditions are at their best during dry season, late April to early October when the rain is not that much and the air drier.

The average temperatures at some mountains are refreshingly cool during the day but outright cold at night as temperatures can drop to zero in the dry season and are rarely much above 5°C in wet season.

The choice of hiking routes is vast: ranging from gentle walks to extreme treks, like 2-3 weeks mountain climbing expedition through dense tropical jungle.

Based camping trek

Most trekking activity in Indonesia is based around national parks, different entrance fee are applied for local trekker and foreign trekker, also during holiday and working day, but it worth every penny of it. At some National Parks, you have to bring a photocopy of your passport’s photo page and a simple health certificate simply stated you’re fit enough to get the entry permit at the national park. The health certificate can be easily obtained at local clinic.

Unlike trekking in some other countries, climbing mountain in Indonesia would be totally outdoor adventure, there’s no mountain lodge along the trail, mostly only some small huts, so it would be an overnight camping during trekking. Basic accommodation normally available around the national park entrance.

What to Bring
Standard trekking equipment : proper trekking shoes – proper trekking shoes will make a big difference on the descent, head lamp, lightweight clothing with long sleeves, trousers, a hat, sunglasses, and carry a waterproof poncho in case of sudden showers. Sunscreen, a water bottle, personal toiletries and mosquito repellent are a must. Basic camping gear including tent, mattress and cooking equipment will be provided by adventure provider