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For some, escaping the daily grind means getting their adrenaline pumping on rugged volcanoes or camping in the rainforest. Others search for remote sunrise and sunset spots simply for a change of scenery.

Our team created a list of some of the best adventure vacations in Indonesia for a thrilling walk on the wild side. This would be a unique holiday adventure experience and memorable. Which one will you take on in 2023?

  1. Take the Double Peaks Challenge and Explore Borobudur

Explore the awe-inspiring beauty of the twin volcano Mount Sindoro 3,136m and Mount Sumbing 3,371m . Located in Wonosobo, Central Java, the mountains have a spectacular and very much active crater. These mountains offer a gorgeous panoramic landscape along the trail to the summit. Mount Sindoro summit offers majestic 360-degree views of the Dieng area and surrounding mountains in the area. While at Mt Sumbing hikers can see the 800 m wide crater which offers an amazing landscape a hillside of white rocks, steaming sulfur gases, bubbling water and mud pools, and rivers of Sulphur – a view that you can enjoy from a short distance. After completing the volcano adventure at Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing, then finish your adventure by visiting Borobudur temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

2. The Wild Mount Rinjani And Mount Tambora

Explore the trek across the iconic, active volcanoes, and magnificent tropical mountainous landscape.  Mt Rinjani  is the most outstanding natural attraction in Lombok, the second-highest, and one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia. At 3,726 meters, the Rinjani offers breathtaking views of glistening sunrises and sunsets, a massive rim of Rinjani’s huge caldera, the fabulous cobalt blue Danau Segara Anak lake trimmed with hot springs, and the more recent volcanic cone of Gunung Barujari, which continuously growing.

And finally, to the “Pompei of the East” Mount Tambora, which is known as one of the world’s super-volcanoes. On April 10, 1815, Mount Tambora erupted for the first time in about 5000 years, with a series of large explosions sending a massive column of volcanic cloud into the air. That event is the largest eruption in recorded history and it left behind a crater 7 km in diameter. The mountain is still very much active, standing today at an imposing 2,751 meters. This volcano adventure offers breathtaking experiences for the adventurous trekker, especially for the volcano hunters  

3. Discover South Sulawesi, Hike Mount Latimojong and Explore Tana Toraja

For a holiday that’s out of the ordinary, this destination deserves a spot on your bucket list.  Plan at least seven days for this epic adventure in the fascinating region of South Sulawesi and trek to the highest mountain in Sulawesi, Mount Latimojong 3,478 masl, then soak up the natural beauty and historic tradition of Tana Toraja, at Toraja Highland, the spectacular mountainous region, home to thousands of indigenous Torajan people, the area which is widely known for its unique traditional funeral ceremonies. Then complete your journey in Sulawesi by exploring the Rammang-Rammang Village, a small peaceful village surrounded by paddy fields and towers of karst complex located in Maros and Pangkep regency

4. The Enchanting East Java

Blessed with the gorgeous panoramic landscape, East Java, Indonesia has become a favorite destination for adventure seekers for quite a long time. The region is home to several active volcanoes and an endlessly beautiful coastline located in deeply forested areas.

This trip offers the best of East Java, from the beautiful volcano trail of Mount Bromo & Mount Ijen to an amazing view of Tumpak Sewu or a thousand waterfalls, then the natural, quiet, beautiful beach of Sukamade, where turtles letting their eggs in the sand on this beach almost every night and releasing the babies turtle on pristine beach Sukamade. There’s a lot of joy in these experiences, and it is suitable for the whole family member, including a senior person

5. Explore the distinct splendor of Sumba Island

A trip to Sumba is about the extraordinary experiences on offer. From visiting the traditional village of Kampung Ratenggaro, enjoying the sun down at Pero Beach, swimming at the turquoise color of waikuri lagoon, watching the daybreak at Bukit Tanarara, seeing bathing horses at Watuparunu beach and cliff jumping at Waimarang waterfall.

This distinct splendor in the Eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago has so much to offer in terms of everyday experiences that take you away from your own daily life. The sheer cultural variety and vibrancy are pretty special. The exceptional landscapes are the perfect blends to give a true sense for your adventure holiday.