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Between lockdowns and travel restrictions, most of us have had little opportunity for real adventure out in the wilderness over the past two years. Many of us desperately miss the freedom and excitement of adventure. With the authorities relaxing the travel restriction and better testing protocols, traveling and adventure will start becoming easier again.

Travel and adventure, of course, won’t be the same as it once was. We feel strongly that adventure should never be stressful. When you’re ready to get your adventure on again, we’re here to support your adventure, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we have everything you need in one place.

Our Guides

All our guide has been vaccinated, and they are regularly tested for COVID-19 Antigen Test. We mandated the use of 3-ply mask in the excursion for our guide, self-assessment checklist and temperature check conducted

Our guides have extensive local knowledge to proactively help our clients navigate during our adventure. Their local knowledge allows for greater flexibility when it comes to knowing the best time to visit certain highlights to avoid crowds whenever possible.

Small Group

We only organize a private trip, so you will be travelling with your own group or family. It offers more security, safety, convenience, and friendship.

Camping & Accommodation

During a camping, we will carefully select the peaceful campsite, which mean less people, and bigger area. This will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your group or family. In the course of group dining, will still maintain physical distancing, each client will have dedicated eating utensils and drinking bottles.

For hotel accommodation, we carefully selected the hotels that have implemented health protocol in the tourism sector standards, including cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability


We selected carefully a place to eat. Only restaurants with strict protocols that comply to local requirements for food hygiene and social distancing will be used. We will encourage outdoor eating spaces where possible. We want you to feel comfortable and safe as you savor every last bite.


Our private vehicles will undergo deep cleaning of all surfaces before you onboard. Hand-sanitizer will be provided every time you board the vehicle. Our drivers will follow local protocols on the usage of face masks and required social distancing.

Climb Indonesia is committed to ensure that the safety of our clients is prioritized in each activity during our adventure program, particularly during this unprecedented time of the new normal. And since the implementation of health protocols under the new normal relies much on the change of behavior, your cooperation in is one of the key factors to ensure that your trip can be done safely. Please refer to our protocol for Hiking activities under new normal in Indonesia