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Climbing Mount Raung

A trip exploring the most challenging yet the most beautiful mountain trail in Java – climbing the highest peak of Mount Raung

Climbing Mount Raung

Every journey starts with a single step so does every trail

The small hill town of Kalibaru at the western part of Banyuwangi in East Java is the entry point for hiking the highest peak of Mount Raung, known as the most challenging mountain trail in Java Island.

Kalibaru town located in one of the busiest transit roads in East Java, connecting Surabaya, Jember to Banyuwangi. Kalibaru also has a train station connecting Surabaya to Kalibaru and to Banyuwangi, makes it more accessible compare to other places in East Java. Hikers who want to climb Mt Raung normally start their journey either from Surabaya or Banyuwangi.

From the center of town it takes about 30 minutes’ drive  to get to the basecamp of the Mt Raung at Wonorejo village, through macadam road passing sugar plantation, cocoa, rice paddy, river and rural village life that will spoil your eyes.  

About 90% of people living in Wonorejo village is a coffee farmers, so if you happened to hike Mount Raung between June to October you could witness the farmers harvesting and drying the coffee cherries on their yards.

After completing all the registration process, the adventure to Mount Raung is officially started. Hiker will have to ride a motorbike taxi to the trail head of the mountain. The distance is about 6 kilometers or approximately 30 minutes scenic ride across coffee plantation and through a small hamlets right at the foot of Mount Raung.  

This motorbike ride will definitely pump your adrenaline as it will ride through an off road, up and down trek in the middle of coffee plantation. The ride is even more challenging especially during the rain and night. But don’t worry, you will have an experience driver, who normally transporting one or two big sacks of coffee during harvest season.   

There is a small wood house right at the stopping point of motorbike ride, where you can taste the original freshly ground Raung coffee for free. A very kind and humble old lady. A kind of energy booster before and after the hiking.

And here we go, you will start your first step to the highest peak of Mount Raung. The trail follows the south west ridge of the mountain, through pristine nature, lush rainforest which is rich of tropical birds and wildlife. As you climb higher you will pass several different types of vegetation, including dense rainforest which covers almost two third of the mountain. An excellent adventure await those who decide to hike mount Raung through this route, this is truly a scenic trail.  

After a long day hike then you will reach camp 7 at the altitude of 2,541 meter.  A nice flat ground with beautiful surrounding views, breathtaking sunset and nice sea of clouds before the night fall.

Hikers will normally starts the summit bid from camp 7 right after midnight. It takes about two hours hike before reached the camp 9, the place that we normally put on our climbing equipment. This is the toughest part of the trail, the last one kilometer of technical section where you will walk through thin crater rim with a deep cliff on both sides and rope section for climbing, rappelling, also scrambling at the lose rock.

There are three peaks and around 3-4 hours tough climb before you finally reached the highest peak of Mount Raung and rewarded with amazing crater view with a spewing grey smoke and small baby cone in the making at the bottom of the crater. In a good weather, several mountains can be seen at the horizon, even the eruption of Mount Semeru on the west side, Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani on the other side, surrounded by the sea of clouds.

Words of “the most challenging mountain trail in java” sounds quite intimidating indeed. But once you are on the trail you won’t feel it anymore because this trail is also one of the most beautiful mountain trails in Java, which offers not just dense rainforest but also unique volcano trail to its highest peak. This is the best trekking route for those trekkers who are seeking the best views from volcano adventure in Indonesia.

Mount Raung trip Summary:

  • A trip exploring the most challenging and the most beautiful mountain trail in Java
  • Start/End: Kalibaru or Banyuwangi
  • Duration: 3 days (including traveling day from local airport)
  • Elevation 3,334m located in East Java, Indonesia
  • Trekking distance 21 km (round trip)
  • Elevation gain from the entry point of Mt Raung : 2634m
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging

When the best season to climb Mount Raung:

The mountain is open all year on, but the best time to climb Mount Raung  is from April to October

How to get to Mt Raung’s entry point in Kalibaru Banyuwangi ?

From Jakarta:

Take a direct flight from Jakarta to Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi

Flight duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Then continue with rent car to reach Kalibaru, approximately 2 hours drive.

From Singapore:

Take a flight from Changi Airport Singapore to Juanda International Airport Surabaya. Flight duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you take a night flight to Surabaya, you can continue with night train ride from Gubeng Station Surabaya to Kalibaru Banyuwangi, starts from Gubeng at 10 PM and 00:30 AM, trip duration 5 hours. Or rent a private car to reach Kalibaru, approximately 7 hours drive.

Climb Indonesia offers Mount Raung volcano adventure, which can be tailored based on your need. You can check details about our Raung adventure package at Mount Raung – the most challenging trail in Java or if you had time to explore splendid summits of East Java, you can visit our East Java Volcano Adventure page