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5 #hikingadventures in Indonesia that should be on your bucket list

Regardless of the challenging trails, being rewarded by the gorgeous panoramic views keeps mountain-lovers coming back for more. These are the 5 Hikes in Indonesia you must put on your bucket list!


Mount Merbabu 3,145m  is a beautiful dormant stratovolcano located in Central Java. The spectacular views from the summit of Mount Merbabu  are said to be one of the best in Indonesia with many other mountains can be seen from the peak.  Mount Merbabu offers a moderate hiking trek, suitable for those seeking an easy volcano adventure in Central Java. Reaching the peak of Mount  Merbabu  will give a massive sense of rewards with a spectacular views of Central Java’s beautiful landscapes and the lush green field of Boyolali and Salatiga’s farmland.


The hike to Mount Tambora will take you deep into the heart of Sumbawa, one of Indonesia’s least visited islands, with breathtaking experiences for the adventurous trekker. Enjoy a three day excursion with fully supported camping, as you trek through lush jungle landscapes on your ascent to Mount Tambora, and witness spectacular views of the enormous caldera—6 kilometers (3.7 miles) in diameter and 1,100 meters (3,609 feet) deep, from the top of the mountain


The highest peak of Mt Raung, stands at 3,332m above sea level, the mountain has garnered the reputation of being the most challenging trail than other mountains in Java.  During summit attack, climber will need to wear rock climbing safety equipment, climb with moving together system through a thin crater rim and rocky ridge, to enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Raung caldera. Yes the views are rewarding, it’s a whole different landscape altogether.


Standing tall at 3,805 m Mt Kerinci is the highest active volcano in South East Asia and in Sumatera Island. The feeling you get when you summit is exhilarating – You will be standing atop of the world, floating above clouds. On a good weather, the clouds will clear below us to unveil a delightful views of the undulating mountain ranges and countryside.


Climbing Mt Binaiya 3,027 is probably one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding mountain climbing expeditions in Indonesia. Yes, it’s going to be tough, exhausting and it may stretch your endurance beyond what you thought possible. It took almost 4 days of 7 to 8 hours trekking to get to the peak and another 2 days to come down from the mountain. This is a hard and strenuous trek. Mt Binaiya remoteness status has an upside to it, such as this fascinating remoteness provides opportunity to experience tranquility, solitude, and pristine nature with jungles, national parks, mountain and beautiful seas, which remain  untouched by commercial tourism..