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Mount Gede, is situated about 3 hours’ drive southeast of Jakarta, this mountain is the most accessible volcano from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less spectacular compared to other volcanoes in Indonesia.  Once you stepped into its trail, it will feel like a completely different world

One of the best ways to experience it is to get out on the trails, two-day hiking program will take you to the Alpine Meadow and to the top of the Mountain, where you can enjoy the volcanic scene during the sunrise. If you take the long loop, you can enjoy all the natural attractions at the mountain and at some inner part of the trails it will feel like you’ve explored the hidden paradise of West Java

March to October are the best months to hike this volcano and explore this national park, meaning now is one of the best times to go.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should hike Mount Gede:

  1. Witness the amazing view of the Mt Gede volcanic scene. Mount Gede is the nearest 3,000 meters volcanic peak from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. During normal traffic, it takes around 3 hours drive to reach the entry point of the mountain
  2. Mount Gede offers a moderate hiking trek, suitable for those who are seeking an easy volcano adventure in West Java. Reaching the peak of Mount Gede will give a massive sense of rewards with spectacular views of Mt Gede Crater and Mt Pangrango  
  3. You can enjoy both the lovely sunset from Alpine Meadow Suryakencana and mesmerizing sunrise from the top of Mount Gede during the hiking adventure at Mt Gede
  4. Mount Gede Pangrango National Park offers various natural attractions from the beautiful rainforest, blue lake, waterfalls, hot-spring, Alpine Meadow Suryakencana, and an amazing crater from the top of the Mountain.
  5. Embrace the natural beauty of Mount Gede and pamper yourself with beautiful outdoor scenery, exercise in the fresh mountain air and free yourself into a hidden paradise of West Java. It’s short it’s adventurous and it’s refreshing though not too far away from Jakarta

Climb Indonesia organized adventure trips to Mount Gede, hiking, trail running or simply enjoying the alpine nature of Indonesia volcanic scenes. Lead by our certified mountain guides Climb Indonesia adventure trips guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. Please contact us through our email: info@climbindonesia.com or phone/Whatsapp: +6281219592895.