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May 2020
When the time comes, when our National Parks and mountains are reopened for hiking activities, Climb Indonesia will implement the guidelines for conducting hiking activities under the new normal, which are adopted from UIAA –International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation while maintaining compliance to health protocol as issued by Government of Indonesia or local government where...
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Mount Prau located at Dieng Plateau is a popular spot among hikers. It has a scenic viewpoint that overlooks the neighboring mountains in Central Java and is also known as the peak of the golden sunrise. Due to the stunning beauty of its sunrise, peak of Mount Prau has become popular among social media users...
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The wind had blown up from the opposite direction that morning as we started a boat ride from Carita village towards Sunda Strait. This will be two hours boat ride to our destination Child of Krakatoa Volcano. Sea weathered into a high wave, making the two outboard engines in our boat was roaring hard a...
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