Mount Slamet : The highest Mountain in Central Java

Mount Slamet (3,428m) is the highest Mountain in Central Jawa. A strato volcano with somewhat cemetrical cone, Mount Slamat is a nature reserve for production forest and ground water preserve for the surrounding area. Mount Slamat lies on four districts: Banyumas,  Brebes, Tegal and Purbalingga, Central Jawa Province.

Mount Slamet is still an active volcano.  In March, 2014 there was 171 eruption with earth tremor. The ash and smoke billow up to 1km height.  The name Slamet derived  Javanes langguage meaning safe.  The name Slamet came in accordance with Islam religion spreading in Jawa. Before from a west Jawa traveloque in Hindu times, the Bujangga Manik script, he mentioned great Mountain or Gunung Agung in the similar area.

Three populer hike route to the peak of Slamet is from Baturraden, Bambangan reached from the town of Purwokerto. The other is from Guci near  the town of Tegal. Both town can be reached by train from Jakarta about 6hour. The hike will take around 8hours or with camping at least two days one night from the nearest town. Slamet trekking route is known to be steep, and the volcanic cone is open ground with wonderous view to both Jawa Sea to the North and the Indian Ocean southward.

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