Traveling & Volunteering in Ngadulanggi, East Sumba

If you’d like to do more than just enjoying our beautiful scenery – we offer the opportunity to volunteer with less fortunate children and families in remote areas of Indonesia

If you would like to combine traveling and experiencing Indonesia’s beautiful scenery and wildlife with other activities, we offer the opportunity to make a difference! Join our adventure package, which combines traveling with volunteering in remote areas of Indonesia, where families have limited access to basic services, including education, healthcare and clean water.

Why Ngadulanggi?
Ngadulanggi is a small village in a remote part of East Sumba, about 60km from Waingapu, Sumba’s largest town. Surrounded by green teletubby hills, the village offers beautiful savanna landscapes and views of grazing horses and traditional Sumbanese houses with their tall peaked roofs.

Despite the beauty of its scenery, during the dry season people in Ngadulanggi always experience a shortage of water, which usually also leads to shortages of food. Farmers are dependent on rainfall as there’s no irrigation infrastructure here and other water sources are too far away to be useful for them. There’s also no electricity and very limited public transport from the towns.

The volunteering program will be varied, depending on your interests, when you go and what is needed at the time. You might be setting up a new library in one of the surrounding villages, managing book donations for the existing facility or painting and refurbishing school facilities. Perhaps you’ll do some storytelling and teaching, or get involved in activities at a community-based healthcare center (posyandu) during a monthly weight checkup for babies and toddlers.

After volunteering for as many days as you like, immerse yourself in Sumba’s beautiful nature and fascinating culture. Stay overnight in traditional villages, follow the household’s daily activities and learn about ancestor worship and the construction of the area’s massive stone sarcophagi. Ride Sumbanese horses or learn how to make traditional woven ikat fabric on a hand loom with natural dyes. Your vacation will be fulfilling, inspiring and you’ll make memories to cherish.


Day 1 – Arrival day, Waingapu East Sumba.

Transfer to Ngadulangi village, 3 hour drive from Waingapu, then spend the rest afternoon for touring the village. You will stay overnight at villager house during volunteering activity in  Ngadulanggi.

Day 2 – Ngadulanggi village

Volunteering day one: cooking demo, volunteer will train housewives, mothers to cook healthy food using local raw material for their family

Day 3 – Ngadulanggi village

Volunteering day two, help in monthly activities at community-based healthcare center for monthly weight checkup for babies and toddlers. Together with locals, volunteer will prepare food that will be distributed for babies during that process.

Day 4  – Ngadulanggi village

Volunteering day three, teaching/introducing a basic English language at local elementary school, do  some storytelling and try to encourage the student to read a book.

Day 5 –Ngadulanggi village

Continuing the  teaching and introducing a basic English. In the afternoon, transfer back to Waingapu, stay overnight at Royal Village of Prailiu.

Day 6 – Explore Waingapu

Explore the town, go to the traditional market, and taste the local food. In the afternoon we will visit Purukambera beach, enjoy sunset at the savanna, where you can see the Sumba’s wild horses running round at the savanna. Dinner and stay overnight at Royal Village of Prailiu

Day 7 – Sumbanese day

Follow the Sumbanese household’s daily activities and learn about ancestor worship during a visit at the construction of the area’s Massive stone sarcophagi at Kampong Rende

Day 8 Light trekking to Warinding hill, lunch Villa Morinda restaurant, visit the traditional woven ikat village and learn how to make it. Spent your lovely afternoon at Walakeri beach then watching the milky way at Bukit Persaudaraan at night. End of program

This program can be fully customized. We can also arrange trips for larger groups and can tailor them to your needs. If you are looking for a different destination or wish to create your own adventure, we would be more than happy to arrange a private, customized itinerary for you. So please do contact us with your inquiries at or WhatsApp +62812 1959 2895.




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