Climbing Mount Merbabu 3,145m

Mount Merbabu is a dormant stratovolcano in Central Java, widely considered one of Java’s beautiful mountains with the spectacular views from the summit and many other mountains visible from the peak. The best time to view this otherworldly scene is sunrise.

The dormant stratovolcano is nestled in the regencies of Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang. The mountain area was declared as a national park in 2004.

Mount Merbabu is known for its wide savanna near its peak. The name Merbabu translated as ‘Mountain of Ash’ from the Javanese combined words; Meru means “mountain” and awu or abu means “ash”.

Hikers usually spend one to two days marveling at the sunrise and the savanna. But hiker with good physical fitness can summit Mount Merbabu for night sunrise hike or even one day trail run to the top of Mountain. This hike is suitable for those seeking a short and easy volcano adventure; the path to the summit is well-marked and the summit offers excellent panoramic views. Merbabu’s trekking distance is 14 km- round trip, with elevation gain 2,108m

Selo village in Boyolali, about two hours’ drive from the nearest airport in Surakarta, is the most popular starting point for hiking up Mount Merbabu. The other routes are from Wekas, Thekelan, Chuntel, and Suwanting village which located in different parts of the mountain.  

The dry season is the recommended time to visit Mount Merbabu. Those arriving during the rainy season should expect a less perfect sunrise view due to the fog. However Mount Merbabu has always been crowded, especially during the weekend, so it is recommended to hike the mountain on weekdays

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