Climbing Mount Kerinci, the highest volcano in Sumatra

Mount Kerinci (3,805m) is the highest volcano in Sumatera,Indonesia. Situated in Kerinci Seblat National Park with an area of 1,375,349.867hectare covering four provinces, 11 districts. But only on two provinces and district are the two route to the top of the highest mountain outside of the 4000meter peaks in Papua, east of Indonesia.

Surely as the highest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Kerinci is favorable for climbing. The Kerinci Seblat National Park is designated for the rare Sumatera Tiger.There are even rumours and was once studied by National Geographic about the unknown small forest dweller around Lake Gunung Tujuh. Unfortunately it still hasn’t proven the existence.

Apart from the scary mamals and the misterious creature, climbing Mount Kerinci gives visitor the change to encounter the rare giant blower Raflesia Arnoldi and the cadaver smell huge blower the Amorphophalus titanium Becc.

Reaching the gate of the Mount Kerinci trek is from the town of Sungai Penuh in Jambi Province or from West Sumatera town of Solok. Flight can be booked to Sungai Penuh from the capital Jakarta with transit and change of plane in Jambi. To reach Solok one has to take flight to Padang and another car ride for around 6 to 8hours.

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