Climbing Mount Ciremai: The highest volcano in West Java

Mount Ceremai National Park is the highest volcano in West Java Province with 3,078m. Situated in Cirebon and Majalengka Districts, the strato volcano is just outside the town of Cirebon. Cirebon has one of the several former sultanete in Indonesia. A visit for adventure hiking in Mount Ceremai could be added by interesting cultural scenery in Cirebon city.

Mount Ceremai is a three to five hours car ride from Jakarta through the toll road. The start of the climb from Linggarjati, Kuningan District coincide with the natural hot spring resorts of Grage. Another populer route is from Apuy in Majalengka District which is accesible from Bandung the capital of West Jawa.

As a nature reserve, the national park contains flora and fauna among other the endangered  Java eagle (Spizaetus bartelesi). The aformentioned eagle has a topknot that resembles the Indonesia Garuda Pancasila, the national emblem. Mount Ceremai also still has the spoted panther (Phantera pardus).

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