Climb Indonesia is a trekking and trail running adventure provider, which will assist you in exploring Indonesia at its best, assuring that your adventure with us is a trip of a lifetime. We put our hearts and passion in serving our clients, because we believe that our love of nature and the beauty of Indonesia should be shared and celebrated by more people of all background and interests.

Climb Indonesia was founded in early 2017 by Taufan Hidayat and Samsul Alam – brothers, bonded by love of outdoor activities and nature. Each of us has years of experience in mountain climbing and trail running throughout Indonesia.

The Climb Indonesia team recently completed the Royal Geographical Society’s Off-Site Safety Management training course which also incorporated workshops in respect of BS8848:2014 which is the appropriate standard for the specification of visits, fieldworks, expeditions and adventurous activities internationally. We are committed to train our staff to receive the highest internationally accredited awards here in Indonesia


Personal – We believe every clients is special and deserves the finest care and attention

Responsible – We organize our trip with a focus on detail to ensure your safety, comfort, satisfaction and the best possible value

Empowering – We work with and optimize the role of the local community in the areas that we operate, to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. We involve our clients in interacting with locals as part of the adventure.


Taufan Hidayat, Founder, Mountaineering Guide

Taufan, is a former journalist, avid mountain climber and trail runner who’s now following his passion with determination. Taufan had his first experience of high altitude mountains in the Himalayan region when he climbed the Island Peak and Amadablam. He also has participated in several major trail running races in Indonesia. When he is not guiding,Taufan is a retail investor at the stock exchange, coffee farmer and the proud dad of two amazing children.

Samsul Alam, Founder, Mountaineering Guide

Samsul Alam, has been a freelance mountain guide since 2009 and has considerable mountaineering experience including several Marathon Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Indonesia. As a mountain guide,  Samsul has been taking clients to climb peaks in Sumatera, Java, Nusa Tenggara, Sumbawa, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Molucca. Samsul is a great cook, and will not fail you on the mountain or meal times.

Danu Yulian Afandi, Mountaineering and Trail Running Guide 

Danu Yulian Afandi is an avid mountain climber and ultra-runner. Based in Magelang, Central Java, Danu has made the mountains surrounding his area  his training zone. In the last year alone Danu has been participated in five ultra running races around the regions: Sleman Ultra, Jakarta Ultra, and Coast To Coast in Yogyakarta. Danu is continuously training for more ultra running races in Indonesia.

Arief Hidayat, Mountaineering and Trail Running Guide 

Arief Hidayat, is an avid mountain climber and experienced ultra-runner. He has participated in several major ultra-running races in Indonesia, BTS ULTRA, Mount Rinjani Ultra, Mesastila Peaks Challenge and GP100 and takes to the trail on major peaks in Java for his running adventure.

Sunny Anbari, Mountaineering Guide 

Sunny Anbari,   lives in the beautiful region of Pangalengan and this sparked his passion for outdoor activities. He spends his day mountain climbing, mountain biking and trail running, with the weather and altitude helping shape his endurance. Sunny is our specialist running guide for the Pengalengan region.

Ruth Theresia, Trail Running Guide 

Ruth Theresia is one of Indonesia’s elite trail runners. She has won several prestigious ultra-running races in the last two years, including Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra, Mesastila Peaks Challenge, Cost to Coast Night Trail Ultra and Brunei Beach Bunch’s Trail Challenge. Currently she’s on the 2nd ranks of Asia Trail Master Series. This year, her goal is to win Asia Trail Master Series in the female category. With her in-depth passion for trail running and proven endurance, Ruth is highly reliable guide and a strong training mate.